Two Questions….

I have two questions that I want you to think about and leave your comments on:

1.) Is blogging different from “regular” writing that happens on paper? If you think it is different, describe how. If it is not different, why not? How is it the same as writing on paper?

2.) The second question I have for you concentrates on your personal learning network. We will be getting ready next week for another PLN conference. So my question for you to get you thinking about this is: what is the advantage of having a PLN filled with blogs that are mostly selected by you? How can it make learning different? Is it OK that we are all reading different things and learning different things? Are classrooms supposed to be about everyone learning the same thing?

16 thoughts on “Two Questions….

  1. Hey.
    Here are my answers:D

    1.) Yes. I think that blogging is different from regular writting that happens on paper. I think that it is different because now you don’t have to read my messy writting:lol: and I think that blooging makes the children see different thing s and explore the net.

    2.) I think that the advantage is that you get to pick what you want and you get to be free for what you think. I think that it makes a learning difference because it gives you the choice of what you want and of what you would like to know. Yes. It is okay for everyone to learn different things, so then you can tell your other class mates of what you learn, then that makes it so you learn more. I don’t think that you each should learn the same thing. Blogging makes you widen you possibilities and makwes you see what is out there.

    Well that is all.

    Ashley H.

  2. Hi Mr. Fisher! 🙂

    1.) I think that blogging is different from writing on paper because you are able to share your opinion with other people from around the world. When you write on paper you and your teacher are the only ones reading it. It is the same as on paper because you are still writing it, but you are just sharing it with fewer people than when you are on the internet writing on your blog.

    2.) The advantage of this is that you are able to look at one site and read all of the blogs/sites that have been updated rather than having to go through all of the url’s and see if they have been updated or not. It can make learning different because you are able to read what one person has written and then write on it on your blog and more and more people will be reading about this and writing about. You are learning about things that other people are learning. I think it is okay that we are learning different things because then when we go to read one of our classmates blog we are reading what they have learned from their PLN. I don’t think that classrooms are supposed to be about learning all the same things because then it becomes boring. You want to learn different things and then teach your classmates about what you have learned, it expands your horizon.

  3. Blogging is dfferent from regular writing because blogging is on the computer and regualr writing is on paper and with a pen. They are also different because in regular writing, you can’t have the same picture as on the computer unless you print it but that is still different because then you have it on paper and printed out and only your teacher or classmates can see and not whole bunch of people from around the world.
    The advantage of having a PLN is that you can pick ANY site in the world otehr then bad stuff you can still pick them but its not appropriate and you can read. And I think it is ok that we each are learning different things because they can tell others and then they will have learned it too. We can learn about many different things and we can also subscribe to them if we are doing research because it will allert you when a new post comes from that site. So you can learn as much as you want on the PLN and learnerblogs.

  4. Hey Mr.Fisher!! Here are my answers to your questions.

    1) I think blogging and writing on paper are two entirely different things. You can write on paper and blog about the same things, but you can comment when blogging. So, the difference between writing on paper and blogging is that people around the world can look at your blog and possibly comment on it. Only the people in your community can see your writing if it is on paper.

    2) I think that the advantage of using PLN that is controlled by us is that it is controlled by us. We have control on what we read. It makes learning different by learning different things than your fellow classmates. It also gives us control over when and if we want to read it. I think it is okay to learn different things than your classmates. If someone wanted to be a doctor, it wouldn’t make sense to read about how to sew. It may help someday, but it would be pointless to that student in the future. This being said, I don’t think children should learn the same thing. It is the teacher’s decision, though.


  5. 1. Yes I do think that writing on your blogs is different from writing on paper because when you write on your blog you can express yourself in a different way that on paper. When you write on paper you just write what you are supposed to and I think that, that turns out boring, but when you write on your blog you can write whatever you want in your own way and not have to follow what all the other people are doing around you.

    2. The advantage is that when you get to have your own personal space and it is filled with things that you want on it it makes you a lot more open and free to do what you like. It can make your learning different because its almost like you are teaching yourself with a little help on the sidelines. Yes I think that it is ok to learn different things than other people becasue when we do that it helps us learn to be ourselves and it might make it easier if you are teaching yourself rather than someone else doing it for you. No I dont think that classrooms are about everyone learning the same thing becaseu that isnt interesting but when you get to teach yourself something it is and it makes it a lot easier to learn somehting if you are the one doing te teaching.

  6. 1.) Yes, I think writing on paper is different from writing on blogs because with blogs, people can leave comments, while on paper, people can’t do that. On blogs you can express your opinion more and people can argue or agree. It’s really different from writing on paper because anyone all over the world can read your blog, while only some people can read what you write on paper. Blogging is also different because you can have links to what other people have written, but on paper, you can’t provide a link to other people’s stuff. You can write about what other people have written, but you can’t show other people their blog and any updates they make. When you link on blogs, though, you can.

    2.) The advantage of having a PLN filled with blogs selected by yourself is that you can choose what you want to learn. Without a PLN, people and teachers tell you what they want you to learn, but with PLN’s you get to be your own teacher. It makes learning different because you’re learning what you want to know, not what other people want you to know. It is 100% okay that we are reading and learning different things. What interests one person may not interest the other. Classrooms are not necessarily supposed to be learning the same thing. If one person knows different information from another person, they can exchange information and have different opinions about it. If everyone knows something different from everyone else, soon everyone will know a piece of everything that everyone else knows because of discussions. Classrooms can learn the same thing, but they don’t necessarily need to.
    With PLN’s, you’re your own teacher.

  7. Bloging is different from writing because it is funnier, what I mean is with bloging I find you can expresses more then you can by just writing something. Also with bloging you do have to do have to put abit more work into it but you also can do more things to make it better then a written piece, you can add movies, pictures, and emotions icons to it.

    When having a PLN for are blogs it is different then having a teacher just telling you what you have to read or do. By having are PLN we are able to chouse the things that we learn or want to learn but were are still told sometimes want we have to right or do but with the PLN it makes it easier and funnier.

  8. Hello Mr. fisher, To me bloging and writing on normal paper are two very different things. Writing on paper makes me think of a time before computers where it was comsidered that paper should not be wasted upon children because it was very rare and hard to make. Writing on paper it old and boring way to write down your answers to homework and whatever else you want to say to the world. I live for and in the moment and I love to try new things so this is why I prefer writing on the computer any day compared to writing stuff out.

    And now for your second question. The advantage of being able to go and see the kinds of things that you are interested in makes the computer a whole lot funner and more interesting. It helps me learn differently from the rest of the class because I am learning things that the kids that i already know cannot tell me because of lack of experiance or knowledge. I even learn things that many of the adults and other people that i know wouldn’t be adle to teach me. I think that is great for a kid to eventually move away from his/her peers and learn new and fun things so that he or she will be able to share it with his or her friends so that the knowledge that the kid has learned will be spread wide and far. In classrooms for the younger kids in elementary school it, I think, is very important to learn everything as a group. But as the kids get older, they should need to rely upon things know as a class less and start to learn things on their own, to a reasonable extent.

  9. 1.) Yeah I think blogging is different than writing on looseleaf. I think this for a few reasons. I think this becuase when you are blogging everyone all over can see what you are writing. You don’t just hand it to your teacher then get it back, people from Asia and China can read this even though we are way down here in a bush.
    Its the same as writing on paper becuase you are wirting. But your not like doing math questions on your blog, like you would do on paper. You are doing many things on the blog that you might not do on paper, and chances are you do more stuff on paper that you would not do a blog like science pictures or math questions. Yes you may write a couple things about that topic but you arre not doing some stuff.

    2.) Wow another PLN conference! I am rather excited and if that sounded sarcastic it wasn’t supposed to! =D. I think that the advantage is that you are able to read what you want. Its different thatn reading stuff not online, because you do some different things on here =D. You are able to read what you want and if you dont like something you dont have to read it you can just delete it, and nobody is forcing you to read something you don’t want to. The thing is when you have PLNS in school you have to make sure that the things you are subscribing to are school appropriate!
    I think it is making learning different, becasue people who like to write like me are wrting more, and I even have to say that some people are doing more of their homework! Doing PLNS help us learn to read better and all that sort of stuff!
    Of course it is okay that we are reading and learning different things. That is why we come to school, if we only came to school to do math, how fun would that be, or what would we learn?
    I dont think that everyone whould be learning the same thing in the classroom. When I am in school I think its really cool that we are all doing different things. In Social we got to do different topics than everyone else, and we got to pick a form of representation. I feel that I learned more, and was more interested in the topic when I did it on my own and not everyone was doing it!

    Anyways! Awesome blog keep up the great work!!!

    p.s I do not like the A’s on this font =P

  10. Hi Mr. Fisher, here are my answers to your questions.

    1) Indeed I think that blogging is different from writing on paper. Why I think this is because that you know that you will be sharing your knowledge and what you have to say, with the rest of the world on your blog making you want to do the best you can and put as much information as you can on your post.Also to find this information to make this blog , while surfing the net you learn to tell the difference between false and true information.

    2) The advasntage of having a pln learning network is that you have the chance to explore sitwes and other blogs from all over the world and to leanr about there culture, recent weather, there nation weather and issues and the list goes on and on. the part i like baest are the photography on the blogs of other places from all over the world and get the chance to see the way there cities, towns live and opperate. this can make learning differnet and defintly no tin a bad way. it makes learning different and funner this you the oppertunitie to share our thoughts, opinions with one another. letting us leave the classroom and across the world to share our ideas and learning experiences. i personaly think this is totally ok that we arnet learning that exact same thing but actuallly when you think about it we are almosrt learning the same thing. we read our pln networks write anout what we learnedon a post. the rest of the class goes and reads it and learns from it. so no not all classrooms are about learning the same thing at once you can say. i would say that reading and writing blogs from all over the world and sharing our learning experiences is a heck of a lot better than reading a text book…what do yuo think?

  11. 1. I think it is a little bit different because I can type faster than I can wright, and you can add pictures to it… I mean you can add pictures to paper to but they wont be as good as the ones that you draw on paper, also you can add links to it and when you add a link to your typing you can go to a site that could explain other things to you about what you are typing.

    2. The advantage of having a PLN is a good thing because if you are ever looking for a person and canot find him if/when you do find him subscribe him and then whenever you need to talk to him or find him for somthing just go to bloglines and click on him. i dont know actually … Yes, it is ok that we are reading different things and learning. No classroms arenot about everyone learning the same things.

  12. (1) Yes it is differnet from writing on normal paper because you can put
    pictures in it, some links to other sites, and you get spell check. On
    normal paper you can wtite and draw pictures.

    (2) It is good because I can add new people when I want to, and I can delete
    people when ever I want to. Also I can leave comments when ever I want and
    read them too. It makes learning different because you can go to a lot of
    different sites by links. It is ok that we are learning different things and
    reading new stuff too because we learn new stuff which is good and fun. No
    classrooms are not supposed learn all the same stuff. Because then we can
    know all different stuff and then shared what we all got.

    By Randy

  13. Yes I do think it’s different then writing on paper because it’s faster it
    has spell check and it doesn’t need as much thought. I also think its
    different because its easyer. i can also put pictures in.

    I think the advantage is that you gett to read what you like and not what
    evry one else tells you to read. i also like it because i get to find my own


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  15. I would like to let Elaine Know that I used her reflective response to help get a conversation started about using 2.0 technologies in the classroom. I would link back to her blog but her link is at

    I would like to thank this entire class for taking a risk and learning using all the tools at your disposal. Keep on having fun. Thanks for creating such wonderful work to read.

    You have an audience. It appreciates you hard work.
    Mr. Harbeck
    Sargent Park School

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